About Us

Hello, a US citizen! I invite you to my blog where I tell the truth about the US government. We were granted the freedom of speech more than two centuries before, so I decided to use my rights for the good.

Here you will find only objective critique, I guarantee. I mean, my opinion is inserted into the articles, but I work on it for a certain period of time before throwing it into the post. Before writing any article, I investigate the question and read other reliable material on the topic, creating the most objective picture.

There are many talented critics who share their experience in their articles, and I’d like to become one of them. I’ve been studying political affairs of our country for a long time, and I have learned certain tendencies the government has. Even though out politicians are so different, they still have similar patterns.

I do my best to be nonpartisan and don’t want to persuade you my opinion is the only truthful. I just write what I see and read in the texts of people more experienced than me. In case you’re interested in reading some of my posts and see a new point of view on the government of our country, I’m always glad to see you here on the pages of my critique blog.

I’m also open for suggestions, questions, and critique (yes) on the posts placed here. I’m working mostly on the Internet, which means I’m online almost constantly, so don’t hesitate to write me. You can suggest a topic for a new critique article, or ask any question on anything I post here. You can also tell me what you don’t agree with, but make sure to mention why. I need to develop, so I’ll be happy to receive any reviews on my posts.

Now, try reading one of my articles, I’m sure you will find it interesting!