Is Our Constitution Really Broken?

policeWhatever the political vision of a person is, whatever party he or she belongs to, there is one thing that unites him or her with other people – the love for the Constitution. It’s the oldest governmental document that is still valid. Of course, it was greatly changed to our time, adapting to the end of the slavery epoch, the development of medicine, etc.

Its 7 articles are simple enough for a child to understand and learn. And that’s what we do – learning its basics and trying to implement them in our everyday lives. Yet, when in 1987 there was a 200-year anniversary feast in Philadelphia, not all people have signed the Constitution at the event.

consThere was a stand asking people whether they would sign the Constitution in 1787. Many people agreed and signed just because they like how it looks now, while some individuals hesitated or refused to sign the document. The most popular reasons were the slavery and a strange attitude to discrimination. The document of 1787 allowed slavery, and before it was signed, this question was the largest to argue about. Moreover, women didn’t have the right to vote, even though the Bill of Rights said no to the discrimination by sex. Besides, the Bill itself wasn’t a part of the Constitution before it was adopted in 1791.

Moreover, our main set of laws answers certain questions with blurred statements, and because of that the document can be used by different people with various purposes. Take the second amendment about the right to bear weapon. We have many problems because of it now, but in 1939 our Supreme Court stated that this amendment was meant only to improve the efficiency of the country’s militia. Later, the Court changed its view, but the amendment was always the same, written in the same words.

The Constitution can be changed without removing a word from it. The Court decides many things, like when it eliminated the idea that the Constitution protected gay marriage with its statements. It was said that the idea is ridiculous, and this is not the only thing that was decided not by the Constitution itself. Remember the Equal Right Amendment and guess who has decided probably all the rights women should have according to this amendment.

There are two main thoughts on the situation: the fathers were all wrong with the Constitution, or we are all wrong about what we have done to it. Both ideas are right and wrong. Those who concluded the Constitution wrote it not clear enough for modern people not to able to change it to serve their needs. Yet, they have done that to give us enough space to amend it and change according to the needs of the epoch.burnt

Thomas Jefferson thought that any constitution has to be changed in 19 years, as if it’s valid for a longer time, it become not an act or rights, but the act of force. To avoid concluding new constitution every two decades, enough space was left for us to alternate the set of laws.

But who could think that every person, every party, would alternate the statements of the main document for our nation not for the good of the country, but for the good of their own ideas and beliefs? We don’t handle it right, and we have to find the way out of this obstruction.

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