Looking at What’s Wrong with Our Government

Unfortunately, politics is seen merely as war now. The house is divided and we can do nothing with it. Our politicians’ main value is victory over everything else, and the most interesting thing here is that the fight of ideologies in the US is as old as the country itself.


The Rivalry in History

Let’s start with the most popular competition of two philosophies. One states that the government is ineffective, it’s easy to corrupt it and it has nothing to do with the wellbeing of the nation. The contrasting belief is that the government serves the people and we have to believe in this for it to be effective.

Surprisingly, this rivalry was pretty useful most of the times. For example, during the long argument on whether government should have more or less right to influence the economy of the country, it did prove effective. As the result, the decision was to give both more and less influence if different parts of the economy.

One more example is from 1840s – the times of another financial crisis. During the time people skeptical about government were aiming at balanced budget provisions as the main way out of the crisis. The other part, government-believers, demanded free education is public schools, making government control the field fully. As the result, most states in America had both balanced budget and free schooling.

The Rivalry of Now

The fight is no more useful, it becomes toxic and dangerous. The purity of one’s ideology that is the main political trend nowadays in the US, starts to resemble Leninism, which is no game. Our politics forget what was effective in those old political arguments – a commitment. Both sides discussed the matter and committed to it, and in this balance was our strength. Now, at times of over-ideological politics and victory-or-nothing tendency, it’s clear that our government weakens.

rallyPeople forget what is the equality most of them are striving to have. The arguments are most effective for the country when they are ended with a shared commitment to a problem and its solution that is composed from two different points. That’s why democracy and republic always stand together when speaking about America.

The Way Out

Aside from waking up our brains and starting to think of unity not inside one party, but inside the country, we have to strengthen our economy. Business leaders may help with it by remembering that their personal victory can harm the economy. Another way to help is creating a bipartisan council which would not only fight against each other, but show their best ideas and combine them for the overall good.

One more way out might be the inspiration by our predecessors. How did our democracy handle all the same affairs in the past? History might give the answer to how we should handle everything now, with certain changes to fit our time, of course. The fourth suggestion is the right education, as far not all people know and realize that our development was triggered by two different philosophies, not the one winning.

For now, according to the survey made by Harvard Business School, about 60% alumni think that the political system in the US is less effective than in most other countries. It’s the second worst system after the complexity of the tax code that got 61%. The problem turns out to be that the politics has become too ideological.

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